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Mission Statement.

The Society was founded to achieve two main aims; to share our love of history with a wider audience, and to give members of the general public the opportunity to visit the military barracks and see what goes on inside. We try to raise awareness of the importance of a knowledge of history, communicate information on historical topics in an accurate, informative but entertaining way, and provide those who share our enthusiasm for history with an opportunity to meet like-minded people.


History of the Society

The Renmore History Society is based in Renmore Military Barracks, Galway, home of An Chead Cathalann Cois (1st. Infantry Battalion) of the Irish Defence Forces.


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It was founded in August 2002 by two NCO's of the 1st. Bn.; Company Sgt Dick O’Hanlon and Sgt (Ret) Brian MacGabhann (then curator of the barracks museum). It arose out of two lectures that the museum had hosted the previous year, one in which the Galway Archaeological Society were invited into barracks to be given a tour and a talk on the history of the barracks, and the second where the Archaeological Society returned the favour by coming back and giving us a talk on the archaeology of Galway city.

Our first talk was held on the 19th Sept 2002 and was delivered by Brian MacGabhann. A grand total of 15 people attended! From small beginnings we have grown to become (we believe) the largest regular historical event in the Galway area. We now have some 250 people on our mailing list, with an average attendance at each talk of about 100.

In September 2008 the Society organised its first trip abroad; a tour of the battlefield of Waterloo, the town of Ypres and associated sites of interest. The trip was a huge success, and we hope to travel to the Imperial War Museum site at RAF Duxford for our next outing.

In September 2009 the Society appointed its first President; Brig. Gen (Ret) Padraic Callaghan. Gen. Callaghan has been a staunch supporter to the society since its inception, is a former Commanding Officer of the barracks and retired as the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Western Brigade.

The society would never have had the success it has were it not for the enthusiastic support we have received from a host of people too numerous to mention. These have included our guest lecturers, present and former Commanding Officers of the barracks, present and former Commanding Officers of the USAC Lecture facility and their staff, members of the Museum Committee, members of like-minded societies and organisations, the staff of the Messes and most importantly, the members who have continued to support and encourage us throughout the years.

To all we offer heartfelt thanks, and look forward to a continued exploration of history together.