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Our tour to the continent began on 11th of September and ended on 15th September 2013.

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Flight Information
Wednesday September 11th
Depart Dublin 16:05 - arrive Maastricht 18:45 - Ryanair FR8734
Sunday September 15th
Depart Maastricht 10:20 - arrive Dublin 10:55 - Ryanair FR8735

Day 1- Maastricht and its delights
Day 2 - Aachen, Germany and the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge WWII)
Day 3 - Trip to Ypres, WWI sites stopping in Brussels and staying in Leuven
Day 4 - Return to Maastricht via Liège or Eindhoven
Day 5 - Morning flight to Dublin

Transport will be provided. We are hiring two 9 seat minibuses and an MPV

We are staying at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Maastricht on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night on a room only basis. Friday night we will be staying at the Irish College in Leuven, Belgium which does include breakfast.

Last year we all managed to share a room. If there is anyone in particular going on the trip who you would like to share a room with please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

The tour guide is you!
Back by popular demand and taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge within the society. On the last trip to Berlin each member was invited or cajoled into giving a short 10 minute talk. For example Delo Collier talked about the amazing artefacts to be seen on Museum Island. Karina Hensel on what it was like for her growing up in East Berlin and how the western view is tainted. Dorinda Flannery gave her talk on the similarities of the 1929 economic crash to the present day one to a very select audience at Schönefeld Airport. Brian gave several mini talks on diverse subjects from Martin Luther to Claus von Stauffenberg at the very site where history was made. Dick told us all about the Wansee conference while we sheltered from the rain. Liam Burke told the story of Alexander von Humbolt while we visited the university named in his honour. Michael Carrigan delivered his talk with us all huddled around at the top of the Reichstag Dome with a spectacular night view of the city as his backdrop. Dan Griffin at Potsdamer Platz told us about the first electric traffic lights and escapes over the Berlin Wall. Noel Carr took Check Point Charlie as his subject and the NAMA owned property there. Tom O’Donnell talked about the Luftwaffe museum while standing under a Boeing C17 on the roof of the technical museum. Eugene was the guide to the Brandenburg gate and the Michael Jackson window – Berlin’s response to the Lynch window in Galway. Tim Byrne stood near the site of Hitler’s bunker and talked about the NAZI death camps. John Flannery proclaimed “Ich bin ein Berliner” and informed us all about Kennedy's visit to Berlin at the very spot where these famous words were uttered.

Your challenge is to research a topic, condense the information into a short talk and give it at the site where history was made. It is great fun and means that you will get a lot more out of your visit. If you have an interest in certain topic and would like to share it, we would love to hear it. Don't worry we will give you plenty of help and information. There are plenty of topics to go around and I will coordinate the talks so to avoid clashing with each other and also avoid duplication. For example Brian has already volunteered to do a talk on the Battle of the Bulge which will be a general overview but if anyone wants to give a talk on specific aspects of the battle, especially aspects which are little known and interesting, we will fit that in so each talk will complement each other. I bags giving a talk on “how the Irish saved civilisation” (A book title by American author Thomas Cahill) at Charlemagne’s capital, Aachen and the strong links to medieval Ireland. What’s your topic?