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Patrick GilmorePatrick Sarsfield Gilmore was raised and educated in Ballygar, before studying music in Athlone. He emigrated to America in 1849, and later joined the Union side in the US Civil War, serving as a musician and stretcher bearer.  He went on to become one of the most famous band leaders in America. He was personally known to senior generals of both the Union and the Confederacy, performed at the inauguration ceremonies of no less than eight US presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, and penned what is perhaps the most famous marching song in the world; When Johnny Comes Marching Home. So famous was he in his day that he is often referred to as ‘America’s First Superstar’.

In this talk Jarlath McNamara, professional musician and avid Gilmore aficionado, will outline the story of this remarkable Irishman.
Thurs 06th March 2014