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    Thurs 27th Nov 2014 @8pm Eugene Jordan BA(Hons) History, MInfo Tech

Brian Boru is our most internationally famous king and 1014 is the most famous date in Irish history. Both are shrouded in myth and legends but even when the fanciful claims are stripped away, the greatness of Brian Boru not only remains intact but he emerges as one of the greatest and shrewdest of political leaders in European history.

As professor of medieval history Donnchadh Ó Corráin put it, Brian Boru “overcame his rivals not usually in bloody battles and by main force (though he had that in reserve) but by psychological and symbolic warfare.“ He fought no major battles from 977 to 999 and was able to take the High Kingship not by force but by crafty political manoeuvring.

Significant events in history, in all countries are always considered too important to be left to historians and are handed over to the mythmakers. Eugene Jordan, a graduate of history at NUI, Galway will attempt to peel away the many veneers of myth and reveal the true character hidden behind. Also he will compare the achievements of Brian Boru to other European rulers and set the battle of Clontarf in its correct context.

The Renmore History Society talk will take place on Thursday 27th November, Renmore Barracks, Galway at 8pm. Come early as the hall fills quickly. Entrance costs €5 or €10 for the entire season of talks.