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Verdun Experiment

Dear Member,
Apologies for the delay in kicking off the season, which was caused by the fact that key members were abroad until today. The first talk of the season commences on Thursday the 08th Oct at 8.00 pm.

The Talk is entitled; "Bleed them White - The Verdun Experiment".

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun; one of the most unique battles in military history. At ten months it is one of the longest battles ever fought, and it produced more death and destruction than almost any other engagement in history.

But it is neither the duration nor statistical record which makes Verdun unique. What makes it unique is the reasoning which lay behind it. The battle of Verdun was fought with one intention; to kill as many men as humanly possible. It had as its aim not territory, ground or tactical advantage. It had as its aim the maximisation of death.

It is a battle that was to have an influence which went beyond the immediate conflict to leave its mark on the whole of world war one, and beyond.

Attendance is free for members, (membership is €10 and can be paid on the night of any talk), or €5 for non-members.
As always places are limited. We have made it even easier this season to reserve a seat, which you can do automatically by clicking on the following link:

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See you on the night.