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This talk, the penultimate in the current season, will look at less celebrated Galwegians - male and female - and the legacy they left to the town. Landlords, artists, men of the cloth and others in uniform will be included in a virtual tour of the place that will be kaleidoscopic in its sweep. The richness of the town will be explored in terms of a dramatis personae that has - for the most part - been forgotten.

The presentation will also seek to show local history’s capacity to shed fresh light, through a nuanced prism, on the accepted truisms of what has been remembered - and betimes overlooked. As novelist Kazuo Ishiguro has said; in every nation there are ‘huge things that we have all agreed to leave quietly in the past.’ 

The talk will take place on Thursday the 10th March at 8.00 pm sharp. As always places are limited and must be reserved in advance. To reserve a place please click on the following link: and click on the green 'Register' button. You can then reserve your places. 

Please remember to print out or save your reservation number and bring it with you on the night, as only those with a valid reservation number can be admitted. 
We look forward to your company.