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As World War 2 drew to a close the Allied powers met, now assured of victory. But a new problem confronted them; how to deal with the leaders of the Nazi state; those who had plunged the world into conflict, had devastated large parts of Europe and Russia, and had planned and perpetrated the most wide scale mass murder in history.

The eventual solution was to put selected Nazi leaders on trial, and the War Crimes tribunal that followed the ending of World War Two is now so engrained in our collective history that we sometimes forget how radical and ground-breaking the idea was. The victorious European powers set out not just to punish the evil of Nazism, but also to reassert liberal democratic values, so bruised from six years of bloody warfare. This talk will look at the background and progress of the most famous series of trials in modern history, consider what they tried to achieve, and ask if the values and principles laid down at Nuremberg are still relevant today.

The talk will be held at Renmore Barracks on Thursday 21 April at 8pm. Entrance cost € per head and is free to season ticket holders.

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