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The North African Campaign, also known as the War of the Western Desert, The Libyan Campaign and the Desert Campaign, was a campaign fought from June 1940 to May 1943 between the Germans and Italians on one side, and the British and Commonwealth on the other. It involved the clash of two of the most famous generals of World War 2; Rommel and Montgomery, (and latterly Patton), and was fought in the blazing cauldron of the desert, from Egypt to Libya to Morocco.

The campaign also saw the introduction to modern warfare of what would now be called ‘Special Forces’, and gave birth to some famous, and not so famous, covert groups, perhaps the most unusual of which was ‘Popski’s Private Army’.

Speaker: Brian MacGabhann

19 January 2017 8pm USAC Renmore Barracks
Admission €5 or €15 for the entire season of talks