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Talk – Thu Nov 15th – 2018

The Gathering Storm – The Origins of The Great war

The Gathering Storm - Origins of the Great WarThis month marks the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Great War, a conflict that cost over 10 million lives. In August 1914, the great powers of Europe enthusiastically marched off to war, each confident that victory would be theirs within a few short months. Four years later Europe lay exhausted and millions had been killed. Russia had succumbed to a communist revolution, Britain’s global position had been irrevocably weakened, Germany was economically ruined and France was finished as a world superpower. How had they gotten it so wrong? What process led each to so eagerly embrace their own destruction? How could it have happened?

This talk will examine the background and events that led to the Great War, considering the shifting political landscape, changing relations between the Great Powers, and underlying tensions and suspicions that finally erupted in August 1914.

It will also consider what warning signals may be there for today, and ask if processes similar to those that led to 1914 are beginning to appear again.
The talk will be held at 2000 hrs on Thurs 15th Nov 2018, in the lecture hall in the Military Barracks, Renmore. As always places are limited and must be reserved in advance. To reserve a place click on the following link: and click the green ‘Register’ button.

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